What is Block Paving?

Block paving is also referred to as brick paving. The method is a commonly used decorative solution to create a outdoor surface for pavements, patios driveways and other hardstandings.

The bricks are typically made of concrete or clay, although other types of materials are used in today’s industry.

A clay brick is fired in a kiln to bake resulting in the hard clay brick as we know it. Concrete bricks are formed by setting in a mold. The concrete bricks are a porous looking form that are formed by mixing small stones, dyes, cement and sand as well as other materials in various quantities.

Block Paving Newport

What are Benefits of Block Paving?

  • Low maintenance required
  • Easy to repair
  • Available in a wide selection of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes to suit both traditional and contemporary surroundings
  • Can be applied to any outdoor space
  • Durable and Flexible throughout freeze and thaw cycles
  • Salt resistant and slip resistant
  • Paving your driveway or patio adds value to your property
  • Quick to install
  • Brick Paving enhances the look of any property or outdoor space
  • Bespoke design – With so many designs out there you can add your own little touch to your outdoor space
Block Paving Newport

Common Block Paving Patterns

There are many different laying patterns on the market, with new styles available readily. The most popular of the styles is the herringbone pattern. This pattern is the strongest of the block paving bonds as it offers the most interlock making it a sturdy solution. A herringbone pattern can be created by setting the bricks at either 45 or 90 degrees angle. Other popular types of pattern include stretcher bond and basketweave.

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