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The use of artificial grass has become very popular in modern times. When it comes to maintenance, an artificial lawn is much simpler and straightforward compared to having a regular lawn. If you wish to use artificial grass lawns, the headache and stress that comes with taking care of a garden is eliminated. Nowadays many homeowners are keen to find ways of improving their gardens by using top notch, hassle free, reliable materials and surfaces that accentuate the beauty of the home. If you are interested in artificial grass for your outdoor space and have questions, contact us today to discuss your project further and for expert advice.

No Matter what type of outdoor space or garden you have,

Lance-scapes offers the best products and will deliver the best customer service.


Artificial Grass Newport

Lance-scapes is a family run business that has been trading for over 25 years. The company was founded and set up by Lance Moran in South Wales. Lance trained in City & Guilds advanced craft in brickwork giving him a good footing in the building industry in both the boom and bust days of the 1980s. After venturing out of his apprenticeship, with the famous George Wimpey at the tender age of 21, Lance decided to take on his first project with the 150k Lloyds TSB building at Cleppa Park, as well as the new WDA office at Pentrebach Merthyr. By the age of 24 Lance was a fully qualified contractor for Charter Housing and Newport Borough Councils carrying out maintenance works etc, including refurbishing the Civic Centre offices.

Lance-scapes reputation and experience over the last 25 years has seen the company expand across the South Wales region as well as the South West of England. The company pride themselves on excellent product and customer service. All projects are carried out by Lance-scapes team of fully qualified professionals.

The company are one of the first in the UK to import artificial residential grass to homes in South Wales. Artificial grass can be set anywhere, which means even the most barren land can be converted into a fresh green oasis. This artificial grass is safe for both children and pets. It has several advantages over natural grass, over and above being maintenance free. These advantages are:

  •    No need for any watering or pruning. Your artificial grass is as beautiful on the first day as it is months down the line.
  •    There won’t be any mess created during the raining season, so no mud strewn all over your home after taking a stroll outside.
  •    It doesn’t need to be replaced for a long time.
  •    You don’t have to worry about insects, pests, mold, mosquitoes breeding, moisture and fungal growth leading to allergies, etc., as artificial grass will not allow moisture to set in. So the health of everyone in your family is perfectly safe at all times!